Value proposition

At iDC, we help our clients make the most out of every single minute shared with the HCP, to make their brands the option of choice.

How do we do it?

By empowering our clients with the most engaging CLM presentations, Approved Emails and MyInsights Data Visualizations.

Value Proposition

Veeva Full-Service Partner

iDetailing Creatives ranks among the elite "Full-Service" partner agencies.

The maximum degree of certification an agency can achieve for Veeva's Multichannel CRM.

With straight collaboration with Veeva teams for developing advanced demos, iDC leads development from a creative perspective showcasing best-in-class integration for CLM presentations, Approved Email and MyInsights.

Request a live demo and learn about how iDC can help leverage your company’s Veeva experience and results, by walking through key take aways for all iDC projects:

  • - Most Advanced Features
  • - Best Practices Boost Bundle
  • - Custom Reports
  • - Multichannel Integration

Supporting clients using Veeva is not just something else we do, it is all we do.

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Veeva Content Partner Full-Service


Over the last 5+ years we have been in charge of local, regional and global projects for some of the most important pharma companies in market, in over 20 countries (North America, LatAm, AfME, Europe and Asia Pacific) and several languages.