iDetailing Creatives is now officially IMShealth's (Cegedim) Kadrige e-Content Provider!

iDC is now one of the first agencies in the world certified to develop content for Kadrige, a remote detailing platform by Cegedim RM. Remote detailing allows both rep and HCP to simultaneously experience e-detailing on their devices while remotely discussing via phone.

In combination with face-to-face communications, remote detailing can help increase sales force reach and productivity by increasing the contact with HCPs, reducing travel time, extending detailing and conversation time.

About Kadrige

Cegedim Kadrige is a leading provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) e-detailing and collaborative solutions. Kadrige solutions integrates with Cegedim’s Mobile Intelligence customer relationship management (CRM) suite or any other CRM platform, providing customers with state of the art remote collaborative solutions which have long proven to be highly effective, compliant and stable in the increasingly regulated and rapidly evolving life sciences industry.

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