May 15th, 2019

iDC to the stage at Veeva Summit 2019
Best Practice Content developed by iDC, was demoed by Veeva's team at ‘Driving Value with Multichannel Content’ keynote.

Veeva’s Summit taking place in Phillie on May scored well beyond expectations, with over 1700 attendees seeking for news, trends, success stories, service providers and much more.

Our senior staff was present once again at the innovation hub demoing "Restolar", our flagship content that seamlessly integrates CLM and Approved Email, packed with tons of advanced features. Veeva’s Team thought it was worth sharing with the larger audience and made ‘Restolar’ the main star, addressing key areas such as ‘Best Practice Content' and also ‘Selecting the Right Content Partner’.

Restolar was developed by iDC in close collaboration with Veeva’s US and European solution consulting teams, lead by Ruth Elise Burns and Anna Karasek respectively, achieving two challenging tasks: Showcasing most advanced multichannel suite capabilities while making every part fit seamlessly into the story.

Veeva Summit 2019

Restolar, Veeva’s Best Practice Demo Content, at a glance:

Profile driven segmentation

The same piece of content can adapt to different conversations, via rep action (e.g. configuration screen) or by using account’s profile or previous interactions data.

Segmentation within content

Approved Email cart

An ‘Approved Email’ cart will allow reps to collect pieces of information as the conversation develops.

Integrating AE within CLM

Dynamic calculations in CLM sent via Approve Email

A CLM presentation can have powerful functionalities similar to those found in native apps, for example consume or update data in Veeva objects, perform calculations or generate dynamic emails.

Segmentation within content

At iDC we are grateful for Veeva’s ‘expert eye’ recognition, and are both more inspired and committed than ever!

Let’s keep it on,
The iDC Team 

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