iDetailing Creatives and Veeva Systems partner to help companies create digital sales presentations that take full advantage of iRep CLM capabilities.

Veeva and iDC combined their strengths to create advanced demo content that will help companies identify opportunities from both a UX and CLM perspective.

This demo content incorporates advanced features, such as:

  • Multilingual content , which facilitates deployment and localisation across several regions.
  • Location and profile based content, that will be automatically adapted to customers profile, turning the call into a more relevant experience.
  • Approved Email, which allows field reps to quickly and compliantly email approved content to customers.
  • Order management, to allow pharmacy reps take orders right from the presentation.
  • Advanced interactive interfaces , including video, 3D objects, maps and dashboards.
  • Veeva will leverage this demo material to educate clients on advanced CLM features and best practices for a great user experience on an effective sales call.

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    Value Proposition

    Sara Eisman, Senior Program Manager at Veeva and sponsor of the project, is impressed by the expertise demonstrated by the iDC team.

    “We are glad to have iDetailing Creatives as a Veeva Web approved partner. They are masters of iRep configurations, develop highly creative and engaging content, and they have gone above and beyond to be great partners and clear communicators”