Effective CLM presentations
iDetailing Creatives

CLM presentations

Effective CLM presentations based on a 3 pillars strategy:

Main and Supporting slides

Get the message across... fast

Create an intuitive, easy to follow, and compelling story

Allow reps to quickly deliver key messages, and dive-in deeper when driven by the audience's interest

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persona-based content

Deliver a relevant experience

Turn usage data into actionable insights, for creating and/or refining strategies and UX

Use ‘Persona-based’ configurations, based on CRM data, for a targeted experience

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Surveys and Dashboards

Meaningful interactions

‘WOW!’ the audience by turning detailing into an interactive learning experience

Leverage UX: Dashboards, Simulators, Surveys, 3D and more

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Support at every stage of the iDetailing journey

Responsible for CLM projects?
Responsive for CLM projects?

We will support you every step of the way

- iDetailing creation (from briet to life)

- Cost-effective localizations (supporting local marketing teams)

New to closed loop marketing or migrating to a new solution?
New to closed loop marketing?

We will help your team get up-to-speed

- Educating and inspiring marketing teams (webinars, advanced demos)

- Seamlessly migrating to a new solution

Responsible for Sales Force Effectiveness?
Responsible for Sales Force Effectiveness?

We will help you create actionable data visualizations with Veeva MyInsights

- iPhone/Tablet/Online

- Sales & management